Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Few Simple Hacks to Make You a Better Man

One of the idea behind the El Diablo Combatives Man Camp project is improving the lives of our participants. Currently, we do that with open, honest discussions in our private, male-only men’s group in Montrose, Colorado (feel free to join us; we welcome new members!.) This improvement process begins with the idea that we're all special snowflakes and we can "just be ourselves" and all our dreams will come true.


We have to work to get what we want, and the harder we work, the better the return. That entitled "I deserve great things without actually having to do the requisite hard work" mentality has polluted the minds of far too many men. I'm impatient, though. The very first few steps men can take in the journey towards becoming a better man don’t require a lot of discussion. They’re decidedly straightforward. 

Here are a few simple "hacks" men can use to make yourself a better version of yourself.  These tips will not only help you get dates (for the single dudes out there), but also help the attached dudes to be better men in their relationships. With almost always translates as “you’re gonna become way more attractive in the eyes of your wife and girlfriend.” 

Don't care about ladies or sex? These tips will still help you socially and professionally. Whatever your life mission happens to be (except maybe those who aspire to be basement-dwelling gamers), these tips will help you out. So... here ya go:

  • Lift weights. In a society where about 74% of adult males are overweight or obese and fitness is considered physically attractive, being in that "fit" 1/4 of the male population is a HUGE advantage on the sexual market. Let's be honest - the ladies love muscles. Add in a diet that utilizes the principles of moderation and variation along with a little cardio, and you have the recipe to join an ever-shrinking elite class. 
  • Be confident. Confidence is sexy as fuck (in both men and women.) We currently live in a culture where the majority of men have a shit-ton of anxiety about women, which completely undermines confidence. The solution? Act confident. Even if it's just an act, practicing pseudo-confidence results in positive results, which then leads to the development of real confidence. 
  • Improve posture and body language. Most men today have horrible posture, which undermines how their body language is interpreted. Stand up and sit straight. Puff your chest out a bit. Don't cross your arms or hold shit in front of your body. Take up as much physical space as you can. Move and talk slower.
  • Master eye contact. The rule - the person that holds eye contact the longest is the most socially-dominant, and social dominance is the key to getting to the top value of the sexual market. When making eye contact, look from one eye to the next after two or three seconds. If it helps, count the other person's blinks. 
These four simple tweaks will dramatically increase your perceived attractiveness, your social ranking in any given group, or both. All four will definitely increase your value.

Generally speaking, becoming a better man involves improving your appearance, your social skills, your social status, your income, and your lifestyle (think "adventure-seeker" versus "gamer".) We tackle all of these in our real-life men’s group, so this list is only intended to whet your appetite.

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