Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Working to Become the Best Version of Yourself is Worth the Effort

Here at the El Diablo Combatives Man Camp, our goal isn't explicitly focused on women. We focus on developing a culture where men can work on getting better at being men. The goal is to live a more authentic, fulfilling life. Many men have the capacity to be fueled by an inner sense of purpose, but far too many men suppress this in favor of an unfulfilling life of laziness and comfort.

For men that really enjoy relationships with women, this process has a pleasant side-effect. For single guys, this will open up an entirely new pool of higher value women that previously would have been "out of his league." For guys in relationships, this process makes the men more sexually-appealing to their mates. That leads to a solid foundation to create a sexually-adventurous and fulfilling relationship that can go on indefinitely. 

A few weeks ago, I posted this excellent article to my Facebook page, and it resulted in some good discussions. The TL:DR version: We've managed to create a situation where 20% of the men have 80% of the sex.  That top 20% has so many options, they don't commit to one woman. If a woman does manage to land one of the 20%, she has to worry about the constant stream of women looking to poach him. Women that have put off "settling down" until around the age of 30 face several unappealing options because their own value has already begun to slip. The options include: 

  • Settling for a low-value 80% male and being perpetually unfulfilled, 
  • Settling for a low-value 80% male but getting some 20% male sex on the side, 
  • Settling for brief flings with a series of 20% males, 
  • Giving up on men and relationships entirely.

As men that enjoy the company of women, there is no downside to trying to improve yourself in order to join that top 20%. It'll make us healthier, improve our career aspirations, and improve our romantic relationships. As part of this group, we also get the benefit of belonging to a tribe of men that have a strong desire to help each other out. The camaraderie of like-minded men makes all difference. 

Do you want to be like this guy?

Or would you rather be like this guy?

It's a choice all of us can make. Here at the El Diablo Combatives Man Camp, our goal is to teach men to get better at being men, which includes improving physical, mental, and social skills to better master your world. Setting big goals, then holding each other accountable for accomplishing these goals. 

Sound like something you’d be interested in? If you live in the Western Slope region of Colorado, come check us out at 509 East Main Street in Montrose, or drop me a line at eldiablobjj “at”

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